Effective Treatment for Mood, Anxiety, Sleep & Chronic Pain Disorders
Treating Patients in Jacksonville, Florida

Adrian Blotner, MD, FAPA – Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist – Accepting New Patients for Teletherapy Mental Health Services

Physician Continues to Provide Comprehensive Treatment Despite Obstacles due to COVID-19

Jacksonville, Florida – Adrian Blotner, MD, FAPA, Board Certified Psychiatrist, specializes in treatment of those who suffer from mood, anxiety, sleep, and/or chronic pain disorders [No opiates].

Though Dr. Blotner’s passion for helping patients to feel better & function better has not changed, his treatment methods continue to evolve. Dr. Blotner embraces today’s state-of-the-art technology and now offers online therapy, also known as “Telehealth” or “Teletherapy.”

“The stress of the COVID-19 crisis causes severe emotional distress for many individuals.  Not only that, but the stress also amplifies pre-existing conditions, both emotional & physical,” he says.

How Teletherapy Works

Dr Blotner states: “Teletherapy is a safe and preserves the essence of a face-to-face office visit.  With the current COVID-19 crisis, Teletherapy is needed now because it helps patients get the life-changing care they so urgently need.”

Teletherapy is a safe and secure platform that provides a live, real-time audio & video experience.  The same types treatment that can be performed in person – in the office – can be provided with Teletherapy.

“Some patients are concerned that Teletherapy might make the visit less personal.  But once they try it, they are pleasantly surprised that it’s just as interactive, and just as effective.”

About Dr. Blotner

Dr. Blotner is double Board Certified in both Psychiatry and Pain Medicine, and a Fellow of American Psychiatric Association (FAPA). He has recently relocated his outpatient private practice in Jacksonville, Florida, in association with Comprehensive MedPsych Systems, a multidisciplinary group of mental health professionals.  Dr. Blotner has over 30 years of experience caring for those who suffer from anxiety, mood, sleep, & chronic pain disorders [no opiates]. Dr. Blotner provides each patient with a personalized treatment plan that emphasizes non-addictive medication, stress management, lifestyle adjustment and healthy physical activity that “does no harm.” Goals of treatment include helping the patient to feel better & function better in all aspects of their life.

Insurance accepted includes Aetna, BCBS-New Directions, Cigna, Evolutions, Humana, Medicare, Optum, Tricare Humana Military.

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