Effective Treatment for Mood, Anxiety, Sleep & Chronic Pain Disorders
Treating Patients in Jacksonville, Florida

Bio for Patients

Dr. Blotner is in Private Practice in Jacksonville, FL.

During my senior year in high school, I had the opportunity to spend a semester doing an “executive internship” for school credit, and I chose a medical/hospital setting. By the time I started college, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. In college, I developed a keen interest in the interface between stress, the biology of the central nervous system. For my B.S. I did a self-designed major in “Physiologic Psychology” at Tulane University which included elements of psychology, biology, physiology and anthropology.

During medical school at LSU (in New Orleans) I developed a passion to learn everything I could about the structure and function of the central nervous system – the brain and spinal cord – and its impact on the functioning of every part of the body. 

I did an “externship” in “Consultation Psychiatry” at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. This area of psychiatry is focused on the treatment of mood, anxiety and sleep problems in people who are suffering from a complex medical illness. The experience was intellectually stimulating and impacted the standard of excellence that I hold for myself to this day. 

During my Internship and Psychiatric Residency at the Oschner Clinic in New Orleans, I trained in a variety of medical specialties, cardiology, pulmonary, GI, rheumatology, and (especially) neurology. My Psychiatry Residency included intensive training in diagnosing and treating mood, anxiety, and sleep disorders, as well as more severe mental illnesses. I also received intensive training in a variety of treatments including psychopharmacology and multiple types of psychotherapy, counseling, and stress management. 

After my training, I started a Private Practice in Psychiatry. I helped patients using a multi-disciplinary “biopsychosocial” treatment of “Stress-Related Physical Disorders.”

Over the past 40 years, medical research has increasingly shown the effectiveness of the approach I use to treat complex, chronic physical illnesses such as chronic pain. Treating mood, anxiety, sleep, and stress-related aspects of chronic physical illnesses is now considered essential if a person is to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. 

My patients often find me after experiencing a series of “let’s try this” approach often with a lack of attention to treatments that address sleep, mood and anxiety disorders or the use of stress management and lifestyle adjustments. 

What I do is a missing piece for many people. I am committed to helping you feel better, helping you feel more like yourself…and helping you get your life back.